The Download: a prolonged covid app, and California’s wind plans

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A brand tranquil app goals to aid the millions of of us residing with prolonged covid

The strategies: A brand tranquil app would possibly perchance aid of us with prolonged covid deal with their situation by giving them a clearer concept of what helps—and hinders—their health. The platform, called Viewed, collects data each and daily to aid of us realize how their indicators fluctuate.

The procedure in which it really works: Viewed tracks a user’s heart charge variability in account for to counsel when anyone would possibly perchance aloof make a selection it easy for the next couple of days to withhold a long way flung from arduous themselves, checking their heart charge in the morning and getting them to attain their indicators in the evening. 

Why it matters: Thousands and hundreds of of us all around the sector live with prolonged covid. In the back of the numbers, there would possibly perchance be a gargantuan quantity of particular particular person anguish, misery, and frustration, particularly relating to clinical lack of consciousness about the location. Viewed’s co-founder hopes to now no longer entirely aid particular particular person of us higher organize prolonged covid, but to recover data to aid researchers make a greater concept of the location too. Learn the beefy legend.

—Rhiannon Williams

Learn extra of our reporting on prolonged covid:

+ A fight is raging over prolonged covid in childhood. Whereas doubtlessly millions of childhood suffer from this mysterious sickness, researchers are aloof debating how sizable an argument it is miles. Learn the beefy legend.

+ We’ve entirely proper begun to see the racial disparities of prolonged covid. It can make a selection years to realize the beefy impact of the pandemic and its aftermath on Sad of us in the US. Learn the beefy legend.

+ From April 2021: May perchance well perhaps covid lead to a lifetime of autoimmune disease? Proof is rising that in some of us covid infections are producing autoantibodies focused on the body’s organs. If proper, it would possibly perchance perchance probably mean years of lingering sickness and misery for quite loads of. Learn the beefy legend.

California’s coming offshore wind growth faces sizable engineering hurdles

This week, dozens of companies are anticipated to compete for the staunch to rent the fundamental business wind power internet sites off the soar of California in a federal on-line auction that would possibly perchance perchance kick-delivery the disclose’s subsequent dapper energy growth.

The disclose has an ambitious procedure: constructing 25 gigawatts of offshore wind by 2045. That’s linked to virtually a third of the disclose’s whole producing skill today time, or ample to power 25 million properties.

But the plans are going thru a daunting geological relate: the continental shelf drops steeply proper just a few miles off the California soar, alongside gargantuan engineering and regulatory barriers. Learn the beefy legend.

—James Temple

The must-reads

I’ve combed the secure to search out you today time’s most stress-free/well-known/provoking/charming tales about technology.

1 The Twitter Files weren’t the bombshell Elon Musk billed them as 

His carelessness prompted the harassment of some of Twitter’s disclose moderators, too. (WP $)

+ The data didn’t violate the First Modification, both. (The Atlantic $)

+ Detest speech has exploded on the platform since he took over. (NYT $)

+ Journalists are staying on Twitter—for now. (Vox)

+ The firm’s advertising and marketing earnings isn’t trying very wholesome. (NYT $)

2 Russia is making an are attempting to freeze Ukrainians by destroying their electrical energy 

It’s the country’s weak who will suffer primarily the most. (Economist $)

+ How Ukraine would possibly perchance preserve the lights on. (MIT Expertise Review)

3 Crypto is at a crossroads

Investors, executives, and advocates are doubtful what’s subsequent. (NYT $)

+ FTX and the Alameda Compare trading firm had been ability too conclude. (FT $)

+ It’s k to opt out of the crypto revolution. (MIT Expertise Review)

4 Taylor Swift followers are suing Ticketmaster

They’re mad they weren’t in a position to buy tickets in the botched sale closing month. (The Verge)

5 The secure is having a midlife disaster

What is it for? And additional importantly, who is it for? (Slate $)

+ Tim Berners-Lee wanted the secure to have an ‘oh, yeah?’ button. (Slate $)

6 We desire a world deal to safeguard the pure world

COP15, held this week in Montreal, is our entirely wager to thrash one out. (Vox)

+ Off-grid residing is extra viable for the time being than you would possibly perchance perchance assume. (The Verge)

7 What ultra-murky galaxies can educate us about murky matter  

We’re going to favor tranquil telescopes to acknowledge extra of them out. (Wired $)

+ Jap billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has some sizable plans for home. (Reuters)

+ An infinite-colorful satellite would possibly perchance bog down our concept of the cosmos. (Motherboard)

+ Here’s how one can see Mars proceed in the back of the moon. (Contemporary Scientist $)

8 An elite media e-newsletter wants to conceal “power, money, and ego.”

It promises unparalleled fetch entry to to prolific writers—and their audiences. (Contemporary Yorker $)

+ signal off an electronic mail sensibly. (Economist $) 

9 The metaverse has a keenness for style 👗

Here’s what its entirely-dressed residents are carrying. (WSJ $)

10 We’ve been sending textual disclose messages for 30 years 💬

But we’re aloof misunderstanding each and every assorted. (The Guardian)

Quote of the day

“There would possibly perchance be undoubtedly a rising sense of fret, justifiable fret. And I would assert nearly awe.”

—Pamela Nadell, director of American College’s Jewish Reports program, tells the Washington Post she fears that antisemitism has develop into normalized in the US, in the sunshine of Kanye West’s recent feedback praising Hitler.

The sizable legend

The gig workers battling back against the algorithms

April 2022

In the Bendungan Hilir neighborhood, proper a stone’s throw from Jakarta’s glitzy central industry district, bike drivers fetch in an informal “wicked camp.” They are drivers with Gojek, Indonesia’s greatest chase-hailing firm. They’re additionally section of the spine of a rising traipse of resistance against the dispatch algorithms that dominate their lives.

Irascible camps grew out of a convention that existed before algorithmic chase-hailing companies and products got here to Indonesia. They’re the network whereby drivers all around the city preserve in tight verbal exchange. This sense of neighborhood is now at the center of what distinguishes Jakarta’s drivers from assorted gig workers all around the sector, and would possibly perchance aloof present a tranquil playbook for resistance: a ability for workers to fabricate collective power, fetch a measure of safety, and make a selection care of every other when apparently no person else will. Learn the beefy legend.

—Karen Hao & Nadine Freischlad

We can aloof have good issues

A field for comfort, stress-free and distraction in these uncommon times. (Obtained any strategies? Fall me a line or tweet ’em at me.)

+ Punk to baby-kisser is a stunning cool job trajectory.

+ The solid of the Lord of the Rings reuniting over Zoom is exactly what I need staunch now.

+ Loving your current music runs loads deeper than merely liking how it sounds.

+ We’re drawing arrive the terminate of the 300 and sixty five days, that ability it’s the very ultimate time to dive into a controversial checklist of the 300 and sixty five days’s entirely motion images.

+ Overjoyed birthday to Jonathan the tortoise, who, by turning 190 the day gone by, officially turned the sector’s oldest residing land animal!


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